Innovative, emotive, and uncompromising are all qualities that may be used to define Alexander McQueen’s at Cozykicks romantic and daring brand, a name that has come to represent contemporary British fashion. The combination of opposing elements—fragility and strength, heritage and modernity, fluidity and severity—is fundamental to the Alexander McQueen aesthetic. Respect for the arts and crafts history allows for the realization of an openly sentimental and even passionate attitude, which has a significant impact on the brand.
While Burton’s arcane reference points maintain an intangible attraction, the brand’s distinctive hallmarks are exposed across its many lines. The ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Shoes for Sale
thrives on the juxtaposition of opposing characteristics, like fragility and strength, history and modernity, fluidity, and severity, and is built on a legacy that defies categorization. By subtly upholding the legacy of its namesake, Sarah Burton has established the Alexander McQueen brand as a mainstay of contemporary British fashion.